In a bold move with significant implications for the American fashion landscape, Jeremy Scott, the celebrated designer from Kansas, has chosen to cancel his upcoming New York runway show. This strategic pivot underscores a new direction, as Scott sets his sights on the illustrious city of Paris, where he plans to unveil his creations during the prestigious haute couture season in July.

Originally slated for February 7 at 8 pm, Scott’s show had the distinct honor of being the inaugural major event on the official calendar of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), the eminent governing body of the U.S. fashion industry.

In a concise announcement, the designer proclaimed, «Jeremy Scott will no longer present his Fall Winter 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week. In a tribute to the city that propelled his design career, Jeremy Scott will premiere his forthcoming collection in Paris this July.»

Scott’s deep-rooted connection to Paris dates back to his debut in 1997 when he introduced his eponymous brand in a local bar near Bastille. His creative journey continued in the French capital until 2001, when he made the move to Los Angeles.

While Scott refrained from elaborating on the precise motivations behind this strategic shift, it is likely in response to Tom Ford, the newly appointed chairman of CFDA, relocating his own show from New York to Los Angeles. Ford’s show is scheduled for the same evening at 7 pm local time, posing potential competition for Scott’s showcase. Given Ford’s substantial ties to the film industry, there is a risk that his event may overshadow the entirety of New York Fashion Week, including Scott’s traditionally prominent opening slot.

Jeremy Scott’s departure serves to further diminish the New York fashion season, which already grapples with the absence of several major American designer brands. Ralph Lauren’s intentions remain undisclosed, with no current listing on the official CFDA schedule. Tommy Hilfiger is committed to a London presentation for his latest See Now Buy Now collection, while Calvin Klein has abstained from participating in any catwalk events since parting ways with Raf Simons two years ago.

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