Are wedding bells ringing (again) for ‘Bennifer’?


In 2021, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised us with an unexpected reconciliation. After being one of the most emblematic couples of the 2000s –how can we forget the 2002 video clip of Jenny From the Block?–, the singer and the actor met again after a break in their relationship of 19 years (their relationship ended broke two years later from the video on the yacht). Much was made about whether this sudden romance was real, a hologram, or a publicity stunt – or perhaps all of the above at once.

Now, the doubts seem to dissipate. A lot of attention, because Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is very real and wedding bells ring in their lives. According to People magazine, both are engaged. The alarms went off when the singer said that she had a very exciting story to tell in a special video for her followers.


Jennifer wouldn’t have hidden her new engagement ring at any point, as she’s been wearing it for the past week. The ring in question is a green diamond, the actress’s favorite which, due to its shape, is very reminiscent of the pink ring – valued at two million – that Ben gave her when he first proposed to her in 2002.

Throughout her 52 years, J.Lo has worn different engagement rings. The first was given to her by Ojani Noa, to whom she was married for a year in 1997. The second, by Chris Judd, whose wife she was from 1999 to 2001. Marc Anthony also gave her one to ask her to marry him before walking down the aisle and staying together from 2004 to 2011. And then Alex Rodriguez, at a wedding that never took place. To the list we add the two of Ben. It’s kind of funny that one of Jennifer Lopez’s best-known songs is called The ring and repeats The ring “for when”? It seems that Affleck does get the hints.

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