FashionCube, the fashion brand ecosystem of the Mulliez family (Pimkie, Jules, Grain de Malice, BZB, RougeGorge, Orsay), is experiencing the departure of its CEO, Jean-Christophe Garbino. The latter had participated in the formation of this grouping of brands, with the aim of pooling certain services and promoting common projects, such as the creation of a denim factory in the north or the creation of a shared store concept.


Jean-Christophe Garbino will leave his post on May 25, has learned. This departure comes against a backdrop of turmoil at FashionCube, as the women’s fashion chain Pimkie has just been put up for sale by its shareholders. In addition, the German clothing chain Orsay, which manages several hundred stores, is also about to be sold, although the group has not communicated anything about it.

Is this the end of FashionCube in its current form? After the grouping stage, the time seems to have come for the brands to regain their independence. Jules is moving forward again after the restructuring and absorption of Brice, while BZB (ex-Bizzbee) has been revamped and Grain de Malice has plans to expand, as does the RougeGorge lingerie brand.

According to our information, Alain Boittiaux, CEO of Grain de Malice, will now take on the role of coordinator of the fashion brands of the Mulliez galaxy, no doubt supporting them towards greater autonomy.

Before working at Jules and FashionCube, Jean-Christophe Garbino had worked for 22 years at Kiabi, notably as CEO from 2007 to 2014. The new challenges for this clothing expert are not yet known.

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