Richard Liu, founder of, has settled the civil suit brought against him by Liu Jingyao, a former student, following allegations of rape. Get the details here.

In a high-profile legal battle, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Liu, founder of, has reached a settlement in a civil suit brought against him by Liu Jingyao, a former University of Michigan student. The suit, stemming from a 2018 incident, had accused Richard Liu of rape. Here are the key details of this significant development:

1. Background:

  • The civil suit was a part of a long-running legal dispute between Richard Liu and Liu Jingyao.
  • Liu Jingyao, who was 21 years old at the time, alleged that Richard Liu had sexually assaulted her following an evening that included dinner and drinks.

2. Statement on Settlement:

  • A joint statement issued by the parties involved in the lawsuit acknowledged the incident as a «misunderstanding» that had garnered substantial public attention and caused significant suffering to all parties and their families.
  • While the statement confirmed the settlement, it did not disclose specific details or conditions of the agreement.

3. Reaction and Implications:

  • Richard Liu, a prominent figure in China and the founder of, had seen his public image tarnished by the lawsuit.
  • The case had also drawn scrutiny regarding his control over, and in 2019, he resigned from his position in China’s parliamentary advisory body, citing «personal reasons.»
  • This legal battle had broader implications in China, where discussions about issues like sexual harassment and assault were rarely publicized until the emergence of the #MeToo movement in 2018.
  • Supporters of Liu Jingyao hailed the settlement as a victory for China’s #MeToo movement.

4. Social Media Impact:

  • News of the settlement quickly gained traction on Chinese social media platforms, with more than 110 million people engaging with the topic.

This settlement marks a significant development in a case that has attracted international attention and sparked discussions about the #MeToo movement in China.

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