Paul & Shark, the prestigious Italian fashion label, is proud to announce its latest brand ambassador, Roberto Mancini, the renowned coach of the Italian national football team. This partnership adds a new dimension to the brand’s image, combining sportsmanship and style.

Roberto Mancini, celebrated for his exceptional football career and tactical prowess, joins Antonio Giovinazzi, the Alfa Romeo F1 driver, as the brand’s style ambassador.

Mancini shared his enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, «My meeting with Paul & Shark was a meeting with a very Italian and very international company with which I immediately found myself in tune. We have the same values: respect for nature and people, elegance, beauty, the importance of fashion that’s made in Italy, and a shared love for adventure.»

Paul & Shark, headquartered in Varese, Italy, is renowned for its sophisticated nautical-inspired fashion. The brand’s founder, Paulo Dini, stumbled upon the name «Paul & Shark» on the sail of an 18th-century clipper, symbolizing the brand’s deep connection to the sea.

For their debut collaboration, Mancini showcases a range of outfits from Paul & Shark, including sea-foam green techy Econyl jerkins and organic cotton yachting jerseys, capturing the essence of Mediterranean nautical preppy style. Mancini’s impeccable fashion sense is further enhanced by the brand’s signature rough weather Typhoon jacket.

Highlighting the technical innovation in Paul & Shark’s collection, Mancini emphasized, «As a sportsman, I find in the Paul & Shark collection light, resistant, and breathable technical materials, materials that are normal today but would have been science fiction only 20 years ago.»

Paul & Shark has exciting plans for this collaboration, including the release of capsule collections in partnership with Mancini, who is often recognized as one of the «best-dressed men.»

Roberto Mancini’s illustrious football career, both as a player and a manager, includes numerous titles and achievements. His tenure as the manager of the Italian national team has set records and redefined the team’s success.

Known for his exceptional skills on the football field and his charismatic presence, Roberto Mancini brings elegance and sportsmanship to Paul & Shark’s brand ambassador lineup.

For fashion enthusiasts and football fans alike, this collaboration promises to be a winning combination of style and substance. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Paul & Shark and Roberto Mancini.

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