Turkish denim manufacturing giant ISKO has opened a product development center in London and says it is the first of its kind in the UK.


Called Creative Room London, the «one-of-a-kind facility» marks the expansion of ISKO’s Creative Room Services (CRS) division and its «dedication to the continuation of responsible production.»

The «unique and innovative space…is dedicated to offering streamlined and simplified solutions for all denim requirements, from fabric to finished garment,» CRS said.

With a focus on sustainable washing and finishing techniques, Creative Room London customers «will be able to work in parallel with experts to achieve the desired denim look.»

Together with its machinery technology partner Jeanologia, CRS said it has been able to «develop innovative washing and finishing techniques that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability with significantly less environmental impact.»

The Creative Room London in Acton, northwest London, will also be the central point for the complete development of its customers’ products, «ensuring that the whole process is streamlined and more efficient.»

The customer center will also act as an «education and support platform for the wider denim community, working with local talent and universities to share knowledge and bring ideas and concepts to life.»

«Our expertise in this field has given us the ability to revolutionize, shape and educate the industry on the future of denim garment production. Our goal is to deliver and collaborate with customers across the end-to-end spectrum, offering tailored approaches and cultivating long-lasting partnerships,» said Ertuğrul Konukoğlu, director of CRS.

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