Sporting hot pink hair extensions and a leopard print pantsuit, Mesfer’s daring fashion choices have garnered him a significant following on social media and caught the attention of international brands. However, his audacious approach comes with risks in a country where such expressions of gender non-conformity were once unthinkable.

Mesfer, aged 25, has become a trailblazer for male models in Saudi Arabia willing to embrace clothing traditionally associated with women. While he has faced occasional harassment and criticism, especially online, he remains committed to pushing boundaries and promoting androgynous fashion.

Born in Riyadh, Mesfer developed an interest in fashion and styling from a young age, even dressing his female relatives. He began sharing his fashion choices on platforms like Snapchat around two years ago, attracting millions of followers. This visibility has led luxury brands like Prada and Dior to take notice and invite him to their events.

While some admire Mesfer’s boldness, opinions on his style in Saudi Arabia remain divided. Some see him as an artist and model, while others view his choices negatively in a conservative, Muslim-majority society. Mesfer, however, intends to stay in his homeland and continue wearing bold outfits, advocating for change and acceptance in Saudi Arabia’s evolving fashion landscape.

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