Hoff, a Spanish sneaker company in the process of national and international expansion, has one of its growth focuses in the French market and recently presented its sneaker collection in collaboration with the Parisian department store Printemps Haussmann.


The alliance between Hoff and Printemps takes the form of a limited edition capsule of 30 pairs of sneakers whose soles (a differential element of the Alicante brand) include the silhouette of the Parisian shopping complex and the slogan «Hoff pour le Printemps».

The collaboration arose at the request of the French retailer and as part of the presentation of its new image. It was unveiled at the end of April, on the 29th and 30th, in a space in the department store, where Hoff has a point of sale.

With this collaboration, the company from Alicante «captured a new public that did not know the brand», as detailed, and strengthened its position in the French market, key in its network of sales channels (from wholesale to retail and online). Hoff’s next stop on its European adventure is Berlin, where it will also carry out various actions to increase awareness and market penetration.

In parallel, the company has just launched its first model of sustainable sneakers, those included in the «Metro» collection. Its soles are made from rubber from recycled tires and in its production, according to figures from the Bcome platform, «it has saved 16% in water consumption compared to conventional methods in the market; in addition, 36% of CO2 emissions have been avoided», they expose from Hoff.

Born in 2016 in Elche (Alicante) and with more than a thousand multi-brand points of sale, Hoff sealed in 2021 a record year, reaching a sales figure of 17 million euros. It currently has single-brand stores in Madrid, Mallorca, Valencia and Bilbao, to which others will soon be added in Barcelona and Seville.

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