In recent times, the world of sports has wielded a profound influence on fashion trends. Notably, equestrian sports have surged to the forefront in recent months. Following Hugo Boss’s venture into the equestrian market with Boss Equestrian, H&M is making a bold move in the same direction.

Introducing «All In Equestrian,» a dynamic equestrian sports lab operating under the H&M Group. This exciting initiative is set to unveil a contemporary and highly functional rider apparel collection, with its grand launch slated for this autumn. The latest development to stoke excitement is All In Equestrian’s strategic partnership with the Global Champions League (GCL), where it will serve as the official team kit supplier for the year 2024.

This innovative equestrian line will be readily accessible to online shoppers in several European countries, including Sweden, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Poland.

Drawing upon its rich history of sponsorship in the equestrian sphere, H&M views All In Equestrian as a seamless continuation—a marriage of profound knowledge and an abiding passion for outfitting elite riders and the expansive equestrian community.

Petra Leijon af Burén, Managing Director at All In Equestrian, expressed her fervent enthusiasm, asserting, «As a trailblazing equestrian apparel brand, we are immensely proud to take on the role of the official kit supplier for GCL teams. Our mission is to blend the worlds of top-tier sports and high fashion in a fresh and captivating manner. Our extensive community engagement underscores a palpable interest in an equestrian collection that caters to all enthusiasts.»

The moniker «All In Equestrian» pays a fitting tribute to the illustrious horse, H&M All In, a legend celebrated as one of the most triumphant in equestrian history.

Peder Fredricson, a distinguished Swedish equestrian and World Championship gold medalist, shared his sentiments: «I am profoundly honored to represent H&M All In. He stands as a true equestrian legend, and it’s heartening to witness his legacy continue through this exciting endeavor. Equally, I take immense pride in embarking on this journey alongside my esteemed fellow H&M riders, including Malin, Nicola, and Olivier. Together, as seasoned professional riders, we bring a wealth of experiences to the table, shaping the very essence of All In Equestrian.»

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