H&M and Creative Visionary Heron Preston Forge Innovative Partnership

Swedish fashion retail powerhouse H&M has joined forces with the visionary artist and designer, Heron Preston, in a groundbreaking collaboration poised to reshape the future of creative partnerships.

Together, they introduce «H2,» a forward-looking platform built upon the core principles of design, advisory, special collections, the empowerment of emerging talent, and a commitment to circular innovation.

This long-term collaboration sets out to redefine the boundaries of creative synergy, with a strong emphasis on curating exclusive special collections and delivering invaluable advisory support to H&M’s design teams. Additionally, it is dedicated to nurturing and promoting young creative talent while championing the principles of circular fashion.

In the realm of design advisory, Heron Preston will infuse his unique perspectives and expertise into H&M’s menswear offerings, elevating the assortment and enhancing the overall customer experience. His involvement includes close collaboration with the creative teams and interactive seminars to share insights and rejuvenate the design process.

H2 will unveil seasonal collections that explore innovative concepts of durability, longevity, and versatility while democratizing Heron Preston’s uncompromising creative vision. This collaboration embraces an open-source philosophy, sharing insights and information throughout the design journey. It equips customers with tools for learning, active participation, and even self-creation.

Simultaneously, the talent program within H2 is dedicated to identifying and nurturing young, self-taught creatives with unique ideas and abilities. The initiative serves as a bridge for those without access to traditional education and resources, fostering innovation and diversity in the creative landscape.

The partnership between H&M and Heron Preston represents a fusion of fashion and vision, steering fashion and design towards a more innovative and sustainable future.