Discover the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability at Harrods in London, where The Handbag Clinic, a renowned repair and resale specialist, has opened its doors. This coveted concession, nestled within the prestigious Harrods department store, offers a comprehensive array of services, from restoring and repairing high-end bags and shoes to facilitating the buying and selling of luxury handbags.

Harrods Path: A Commitment to Sustainability

The Handbag Clinic’s presence at Harrods seamlessly aligns with the retailer’s sustainability strategy, Harrods Path. This forward-thinking initiative encourages conscious consumption by emphasizing the importance of aftercare to prolong the lifespan of luxury items. By choosing repair and restoration over replacement, shoppers can make their investments last a lifetime.

Expertise in Restoration

Conveniently located on the fifth floor within the Shoe Heaven section, The Handbag Clinic boasts a team of skilled artisans who possess a profound understanding of what it takes to restore luxury items to their pristine condition. Repair prices start at just £20 for minor stitching, catering to a wide range of needs. Whether it’s a minor fix or a complex restoration, The Handbag Clinic has you covered.

Sustainability Meets Luxury

Charlotte Staerck, CEO of The Handbag Clinic, believes that this collaboration enhances Harrods’ aftercare offerings while encouraging consumers to embrace sustainable shopping practices. Josie Gardner, Head of Accessories and Shoes at Harrods, recognizes The Handbag Clinic as trailblazers in restoration and rejuvenation services. This partnership empowers customers to preserve the beauty and longevity of their cherished pieces, in harmony with Harrods’ commitment to quality and sustainability.

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