The Frieze contemporary art fair in London this week is witnessing an exciting fusion of art and fashion, and one of the most noteworthy partnerships is with the renowned luxury brand, Gucci.

Polina Zakharova, a prominent multidisciplinary artist, creative director, and co-founder of Hard Feelings Studio, has joined forces with Gucci to create captivating video art for the «Gucci Cosmos» exhibition. This grand showcase commemorates Gucci’s remarkable 102-year journey and will be unveiled at 180 The Strand in London during Frieze, starting on October 11th and running until December 31st.

At the helm of this visual masterpiece, Polina Zakharova takes on the roles of «artistic lead and creative director,» collaborating with contemporaries Es Devlin and Maria Luisa Frissa. Together, they have meticulously curated an immersive archive that retraces Gucci’s century-long legacy and celebrates its future.

Zakharova and her collaborator Sveta Yermolayeva employ cutting-edge technology and visuals to present Gucci’s heritage, luxury, interconnectedness, and more in an innovative way. This visionary presentation breathes fresh life into Gucci’s legacy and its vision for the future.

Gucci’s decision to collaborate with Zakharova and Yermolayeva underscores their exceptional standing in the industry. They are pioneering women in high-end production, venue design, and technology integration for globally recognized brands and artists, distinguished by their multidisciplinary approach, encompassing art, music, fashion, new media, and audio art.

Zakharova’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Anyma, BAPE, MET Gala, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Palm Angels, Drake, and others.

Reflecting on the project, Zakharova shared, «In Gucci’s rich legacy, I’ve woven moving visuals that bridge a century of innovation with boundless possibilities for tomorrow. ‘Gucci Cosmos’ isn’t just a journey through time; it’s a dance where each frame captures the essence of an icon and propels it into the universe of the future.»

This artistic convergence of Gucci and Polina Zakharova promises an unforgettable exploration of Gucci’s past, present, and future, pushing the boundaries of luxury and creativity.

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