In a bold and candid statement, Giorgio Armani, the renowned fashion designer, has voiced his concerns about the treatment of women in the fashion industry. Speaking on the sidelines of a Milan Fashion Week show for his Emporio Armani line, the 85-year-old fashion icon didn’t hold back.

«I believe it’s time for me to express my thoughts. Women are consistently subjected to the ever-evolving trends and overly sexualized marketing tactics employed by designers,» Armani declared.

He further emphasized his point, stating, «When a woman walks down the street and encounters an advertisement featuring a woman with her body prominently on display, and she feels compelled to emulate that image, it’s a form of violation.» Armani continued, «There are numerous ways to violate a woman, whether it’s through physical harm or by exerting pressure on her to conform to a particular style of dress.»

Giorgio Armani, a global fashion icon renowned for his timeless and refined creations, established his eponymous label in 1975, and it has since become synonymous with sophistication.

He underscored his commitment to providing women with a diverse array of choices, stating, «In my shows, you’ll find a plethora of styles—be it short skirts, long skirts, loose-fitting or form-fitting trousers. I’ve given women the utmost freedom to explore a wide spectrum of possibilities, guided by their own sensibilities.»

Armani expressed his weariness of the prevailing fixation on trends, saying, «I’ve grown tired of the word ‘trend.’ Our focus should be on meeting the needs of today’s women. Fashion should not be dictated solely by transient trends.»

For his Emporio Armani line, recognized for its youthful and vibrant appeal, he drew inspiration from «strong-willed» young women.

He is poised to unveil the Fall/Winter 2020 collection for his main Giorgio Armani line, staying true to his mission of providing elegant and timeless fashion choices for women.

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