Giorgio Armani, the renowned fashion icon, has selected French Formula One sensation Charles Leclerc as the distinguished face of the designer’s exclusive Made-to-Measure campaign for the vibrant spring/summer season of 2020.

Photographed by the acclaimed John Balsom, these captivating black and white images feature Leclerc against the picturesque backdrop of Saint-Tropez on the Côte d’Azur, where Giorgio Armani’s luxurious summer retreat is located. Notably, these ads, conceptualized before the global Covid-19 lockdown, represent Charles Leclerc’s debut in the world of high-profile advertising campaigns.

In a recent Instagram announcement, the 22-year-old Monaco-born racing prodigy, boasting an impressive three million Instagram followers, expressed his excitement at becoming the brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani’s prestigious Made-to-Measure Line. He wrote, «Thrilled to announce my partnership with Giorgio Armani and its renowned Made-to-Measure Line. Fashion, music, and motorsport have always been my passions, and representing this iconic brand is a true honor.»

Leclerc’s journey with Ferrari commenced last year, and in his debut season with the legendary team, he achieved remarkable success, including 10 podium finishes, triumphant victories in Belgium and Italy, four fastest laps, and an impressive seven pole positions.

Giorgio Armani, a luminary in the world of fashion, commended Charles Leclerc’s extraordinary career, stating, «Charles Leclerc is an exceptionally promising talent in the world of racing. Despite his youth, he has achieved remarkable success, a testament to his unwavering determination and undeniable talent. His youthful energy and magnetic presence align seamlessly with my Made-to-Measure collection. A Made-to-Measure suit transcends age, as exemplified by these captivating photographs.»

The Giorgio Armani Made-to-Measure service, introduced in 2006, is accessible at select Giorgio Armani boutiques across the globe.

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