In an unexpected turn of events, American model Gigi Hadid has emerged as a potential juror in the highly publicized Harvey Weinstein rape and sexual assault trial currently underway in a New York state court. Gigi Hadid’s presence in the jury pool has added a captivating element to the proceedings, which have already garnered substantial media attention.

Gigi Hadid’s Interaction with Weinstein During the jury selection process, Gigi Hadid candidly admitted to having met Harvey Weinstein, the defendant in the case. Nevertheless, when asked about her ability to approach the trial impartially, Hadid confidently affirmed her capacity to remain open-minded regarding the facts presented during the trial. She also mentioned her prior encounter with actress Salma Hayek, who has accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and is expected to be a figure of significance in the proceedings.

Jury Selection Challenges and Considerations Gigi Hadid’s inclusion in the potential jury pool comes as prosecutors and defense attorneys work diligently to select 12 jurors and six alternates from a substantial pool of over 500 individuals. Some prospective jurors have been excused due to their expressed inability to maintain impartiality in light of the extensive media coverage surrounding the trial. It is noteworthy that the defense may choose to challenge Hadid’s selection, given her prominent status as a social media influencer with a staggering following of over 51 million Instagram users.

Background of the Harvey Weinstein Trial The trial revolves around allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against Harvey Weinstein. These accusations gained prominence as part of the #MeToo movement, with over 80 women accusing Weinstein of misconduct since October 2017. However, the current trial specifically addresses allegations made by two individuals. If found guilty of predatory sexual assault, Weinstein could potentially face a life sentence.

The trial is set to proceed with opening arguments scheduled to commence on January 22, marking a pivotal phase in the legal battle surrounding Weinstein.

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