Gigi Hadid, the globally acclaimed supermodel, steps into a pivotal role as a member of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers 2020 expert panel, leveraging her profound fashion expertise.

Within a committee comprising 68 prominent figures in the fashion realm, Gigi Hadid will serve as a distinguished ambassador for the prestigious showroom during the semi-final of the seventh edition of this renowned prize, scheduled to unfold in the fashion capital, Paris, on February 27-28. She stands among nine distinguished newcomers to the expert panel, alongside influential personalities such as Caroline Daur, Leaf Greener, and activist Sinéad Burke. The illustrious roster further includes Natalie Kingham, the esteemed fashion and buying director at, and the visionary co-founder and director of the luxury platform Moda Operandi. The ensemble is enriched by the esteemed art director Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, ‘How to Spend It’ editor Jo Ellison, and the accomplished fashion editor Ibrahim Kamara.

Delphine Arnaud, in an official statement, commends these newly appointed experts as «both witnesses and essential players in the world of fashion,» underscoring their pivotal role in unearthing the industry’s most promising talents. She extends her heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment to this remarkable cause.

The illustrious LVMH Prize, a prestigious annual accolade, serves as a powerful catalyst for emerging global fashion luminaries. It seamlessly combines vital financial backing with invaluable business development opportunities, offering a substantial grant of €300,000 to a deserving young designer, nurturing their burgeoning fashion enterprise. Additionally, the recipient is privileged to partake in an extensive year-long mentorship program. In parallel, the distinguished Karl Lagerfeld Prize endows a substantial €150,000 grant complemented by a year of insightful mentorship.

Over the years, this illustrious prize has catapulted some of the fashion industry’s brightest emerging stars into the global spotlight. Past laureates encompass luminaries such as Marine Serre, Grace Wales Bonner, and Jacquemus. Notably, in the 2019 edition, the distinguished South African designer Thebe Magugu emerged triumphant, further reinforcing the prize’s enduring legacy in nurturing and championing emerging talents on the global fashion stage.

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