The Grammys are the perfect stage for artists to experiment with the most daring beauty trends


If we talk about outfits on the red carpet, the Grammys are undoubtedly the most fun. Even more so if we compare them with the aesthetics of the Oscars, very beautiful but generally more orthodox. Since its creation in 1959, the Grammys have encouraged musicians to experiment and send messages through their looks, giving rise to a wealth of bets that are very representative of the genre and of the time. Every year, celebrities take advantage of this evening to shamelessly join the trends: far from classicism and timelessness, the Grammys are a fun breath of fresh air.

Aretha Franklin embodied the bohemian aesthetic and ’70s glamour: how can I forget that moment when she became little more than a gold gramophone with silver tops wrapping her dense afro in a bandana. A decade later, Joan Jett’s signature hairstyle, combined with a pink blush and a smudged eyeliner with onyx liner, marked the transition to the ’80s. Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple’s shaggy locks laid the foundation for the aesthetic of ’90s singer-songwriters, and Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez showed us the polar opposite in the early 2000s era of pop: ironed hair, smiles and plunging necklines.

In the early 2000s, Shakira burst onto the music scene with a radiant blush and a cascade of golden ringlets reaching her waist, and Alicia Keys did the same with her sparkling eyes and stunning braid. In 2007, Beyoncé sported a fresh flower in her hair during a performance of «Listen» in tribute to Billie Holiday, who used to adorn her hair with gardenias. The following year, Amy Winehouse went big, cementing her beauty icon status with her signature black eyeliner and oversized, half-up, half-down bouffant bun. In the last decade, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have starred in unforgettable beauty moments, and Beyoncé has done the same with looks that range from a wet-look bob and crimson lips to a golden crown with curls tumbling over her belly, just like and likeness of the painting The Birth of Venus, by Botticelli. In the years to come, the news will likely come from Billie Eilish, who debuted at the Grammys with a green-rooted hairstyle and matching Gucci logo manicure. Without forgetting Rosalía, who wore a pink makeup with cat eyes and jewel nails.

From Madonna’s black geometric bob to Beyoncé’s golden headpiece, these 26 memorable moments demonstrate the undeniable power of beauty live and on air.

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