Discover the latest insights from a collaborative survey conducted by trend consulting agency NellyRodi and Beauté Privée, a cosmetics and wellness sales platform under the ShowroomPrivé group. Analyzing responses from 2,105 participants in September, the survey delves into the expectations of French beauty product consumers.

While 72% prioritize personal well-being in their use of beauty products, practical considerations take center stage during purchases. Notably, 46% highlight price as the decisive factor, followed closely by 37% emphasizing effectiveness and 36% considering product formulation.

The survey reveals that 71% of consumers replenish depleted beauty products, and 59% seek solutions for specific concerns. Promotions significantly influence decisions, with 59% swayed by promotional offers. Monthly expenditure patterns show nearly half of respondents spending between €30 and €50 on beauty products.

Toxicity concerns are prevalent, with 44% paying attention to product composition to avoid certain ingredients. Seeking reassurance, consumers turn to professionals (43%), peer recommendations (24%), and customer reviews (36%).

Furthermore, 75% adopt a concise beauty routine, utilizing 1 to 5 products during the week. Notably, 51% specifically choose products with active ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid.

While sustainability and ethics gain traction, they are not yet prerequisites. Preferred attributes include environmentally friendly manufacturing (59%) and fair treatment of employees (39%).

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