Renowned fashion pioneer Kenzo Takada, now 80, makes a captivating comeback, albeit not on the catwalks. The legendary Japanese designer, who sold his fashion and fragrance empire to LVMH in 1993, reenters the creative world with K3, an interior design brand. In this SEO-optimized article, we delve into Kenzo’s resurgence, his vision for K3, and the timeless elegance he seeks to infuse into interior design.

Kenzo’s Fashion Legacy Kenzo Takada gained global acclaim in the 1970s, leaving an indelible mark on the Paris fashion scene. His innovative designs and distinctive style captivated the industry. Despite retiring from fashion after selling his brand, Kenzo admits to missing the thrill of working on his own label.

A Creative Renaissance with K3 For his return, Kenzo envisioned an endeavor beyond fashion, something «timeless.» The result is K3, an interior design brand featuring a logo scripted in Japanese with three horizontal strokes. This venture allows him to break free from the rigorous fashion calendar, characterized by frequent shows, and explore a more serene and enduring avenue for artistic expression.

Design as the «Art of Living» Kenzo defines interior design as «the art of living.» This perspective liberates him from fashion’s constraints and provides a canvas for creativity that celebrates comfort and life. He aspires to craft gentle, poetic interiors that inspire dreams rather than evoke aggression.

K3’s Inaugural Collection K3’s debut collection spans an eclectic range, including furniture, carpets, wallpaper, ceramics, household linen, and bathrooms. Kenzo’s signature touch lies in the incorporation of the «kintsugi» symbol, a tribute to the Japanese tradition of mending broken porcelain and ceramics with lacquer infused with powdered gold. This approach harmonizes effortlessly with contemporary sustainability and recycling concerns.

Themes and Inspirations The collection is thoughtfully curated into three themes. «Shogun» embodies masculinity, characterized by its restrained black and white palette. «Sakura» encapsulates harmony and serenity, discreetly infusing gold elements into its pastel tones. Finally, «Maiko» radiates vibrancy with its vivid red and pink hues, paying homage to the kimonos and aesthetics of young geishas.

Kenzo’s Artistry in Design A standout piece in Kenzo’s collection is a low-rimmed table featuring a central water-filled recess, adaptable for various purposes. It allows petals to float on the surface, doubling as a tribute to the Japanese art of flower arrangement, «ikebana.» Kenzo envisions interior design as the creation of inviting spaces that entice occupants to linger, evoking a sense of softness and poetic refinement.

Kenzo Takada’s return to the creative realm with K3 showcases his enduring passion for artistry and elegance, transcending fashion to shape the very spaces we inhabit.

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