In a groundbreaking move, global e-commerce powerhouse ESW and the esteemed UK parcel delivery service, DPD, have united forces in a strategic alliance that promises to revolutionize cross-border online retail.

The primary objective of this dynamic collaboration is to empower DPD’s UK retail clients with a swift and efficient pathway for expanding their direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations. This partnership unlocks access to ESW’s cutting-edge «one-stop solution,» which combines cutting-edge technology with profound localization expertise, all while embracing a capital-light approach. In essence, it is meticulously designed to dismantle the barriers that typically obstruct brands and retailers from effortlessly marketing their products to global consumers across borders.

In addition to enhancing DPD’s service portfolio, this collaboration will substantially bolster ESW’s footprint in the UK market, as it extends its unwavering support to DPD’s extensive network of retail and brand partners.

What truly distinguishes this partnership is ESW’s ‘Global Voices’ research initiative, an exhaustive study involving over 16,000 consumers across 16 countries. The findings paint a compelling picture of the burgeoning demand for UK products, which stands in stark contrast to the prevailing low consumer confidence within the UK itself.

Strikingly, while only 7% of surveyed UK consumers express intentions to increase their online spending over the next year, the UK emerges as one of the top three preferred markets for international online shoppers across various categories. From coveted luxury goods (with a staggering 32% of consumers favoring British brands) to fashion-forward clothing (29%), stylish footwear (29%), and high-quality cosmetics (27%), the allure of UK products on the global stage is nothing short of remarkable.

Martim Avillez Oliveira, ESW’s Global Chief Revenue Officer, enthusiastically commented on the collaboration, stating, «Our core mission is to facilitate seamless DTC access for brands seeking innovative avenues for revenue growth, inventory optimization, and enhanced margins through strategic cross-border expansion. We are ecstatic to partner with DPD, extending their clients the golden opportunity to transcend the confines of the UK and tap into the lucrative revenue streams that await them.»

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