Unveiling the silent struggles of midlife women, the Behaviours Agency’s report exposes a startling reality—69% feel invisible, and 62% believe fashion advertising rarely reflects relatable individuals. The ‘Marketing To Midlife Women’ report is a pivotal guide for fashion and beauty brands, aiming to bridge the gap and establish genuine representation for women aged 45-60.

Key insights showcase adaptability among midlife women, with 35% adjusting clothing styles, 35% modifying skincare and beauty routines, 42% embracing dietary changes, and 35% prioritizing exercise.

Sue Benson, spokesperson for the report, emphasizes, «Our research outlines strategies for brands to authentically connect with this influential group, known as ‘super consumers’ for their spending power and transformative life stages.»

Despite their consumer power, midlife women express skepticism and dissatisfaction with advertising claims. A staggering 72% harbor doubts about ad authenticity, with 75% feeling an overemphasis on appearance over overall wellbeing and 72% deeming beauty standards unrealistic.

Furthermore, 62% feel underrepresented in advertising, 54% believe ads exploit insecurities, and 69% perceive product benefits as exaggerated.

Benson notes, «While beauty models may persist, evolving imagery to embrace imperfections is key. Women reject the ‘stop the clock’ narrative, recognizing its contribution to anxiety and self-doubt.»

The report champions real testimonials over celebrity endorsements, with midlife women valuing insights from everyday individuals about product experiences.

Advocating for subtlety in menopause-related products’ communication, the report underscores humor’s power in advertising, creating warmth and understanding.

Lastly, a prevalent distrust surrounds extravagant anti-aging claims, with women questioning their efficacy and deeming them overpriced. The report signals a paradigm shift, highlighting that not everyone views halting aging as the ultimate goal. Fashion and beauty brands, take note—it’s time to rewrite the narrative and authentically resonate with this dynamic demographic.

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