Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 is set to shine a spotlight on the visionary designs of Steven Stokey-Daley, the Liverpudlian talent behind the S.S. Daley label. Sharing the stage with Italian stylist Luca Magliano, Stokey-Daley is poised to become the second guest designer at this prestigious event.

At just under thirty years of age, Steven Stokey-Daley has already made a significant impact on the international fashion scene. He’s gearing up to unveil his latest collection in Florence, known for his signature show-events.

Francesca Tacconi, the special events coordinator at Pitti Immagine, lavished praise on Stokey-Daley, remarking, «Steven Stokey-Daley crafts a captivating fashion narrative, transforming the British Upper Class into a Queer fashion fantasy. Despite his youthful years, Steven’s project showcases an expressive maturity, an exuberant and eccentric reimagining of British Heritage, an unwavering commitment to sustainability, and a fearless challenge to gender norms.»

She continued, saying, «We admire his remarkable talent for redefining menswear archetypes, capturing the essence of contemporary trends, and playfully subverting conventions with a touch of irony. His designs exude an almost literary quality, reminiscent of the impeccably mannered and unapologetically eccentric characters found in the novels of Evelyn Waugh.»

Stokey-Daley expressed his delight, stating, «I’m deeply honored to bring S.S. Daley’s unique narrative of modern British storytelling to Pitti Uomo, the epicenter of men’s fashion design.»

The S.S. Daley label, conceived by Steven Stokey-Daley in 2020, aspires to reinvent and deconstruct the traditional concept of British Heritage, providing a contemporary perspective influenced by his own working-class upbringing.

After completing his education at the University of Westminster, London, Stokey-Daley introduced a menswear collection inspired by the iconic characteristics of the 20th-century British aristocracy’s wardrobe. His creations quickly garnered recognition from esteemed figures in the fashion industry, including Sarah Mower and Harry Lambert. Notably, Harry Lambert selected items from S.S. Daley’s debut collection to style British pop sensation Harry Styles for his ‘Golden’ music video.

Stokey-Daley introduced his menswear collection on Matchesfashion.com and subsequently expanded into womenswear and accessories. He made his grand debut at London Fashion Week in September 2021 and received acclaim from the British Fashion Council’s NewGen initiative. In June 2022, he clinched the prestigious LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Later the same year, he was bestowed with a Foundation Award at the British Fashion Awards.

S.S. Daley’s striking creations are available at eminent retailers like Saks 5th Avenue, Dover Street Market, Matchesfashion.com, Bergdorf Goodman, 10 Corso Como Seoul, and the I.T Store.

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