New York Fashion Unveiled: Palomo Spain, Anna Sui, Fforme, and Colin Locascio

In the vibrant world of New York fashion, a captivating convergence of established designers and emerging talents stole the spotlight. At the heart of it all was a resounding message—the resurgence of fantasy in the fashion realm.

Palomo Spain: A Gender-Bending Extravaganza

Reaching Palomo Spain’s Plaza Hotel show meant navigating the lively chaos of a Labor Day parade along Fifth Avenue, complete with marching bands and spirited marchers. Inside the stucco ballroom of the hotel, the theme was ‘Cruising in the Rose Garden,’ a thought-provoking exploration of the enduring tension between romanticism and carnal desire.

Presented by the provocative designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the runway featured young gentlemen adorned in all-white ensembles, characterized by billowing pants, silk camisoles, and feathered accents. The show was a display of bustiers, corsets, lace tanks, and sheer silk tops worn by male models. The runway was elevated with sensational metallic flower jewelry, including exquisite rosebud earrings and tulip rings.

Despite its avant-garde nature, Palomo Spain’s creations underscore the designer’s exceptional talent, seamlessly blending historical garments, Andalusian culture, and transgender fantasy into must-see fashion events in the heart of New York.

Anna Sui: An Aquatic Fantasy

Anna Sui’s show was a sheer delight, with the designer herself dancing with enthusiasm backstage. Set within the charming backdrop of the Crosby Street Hotel’s screen room, the stage was adorned with clips from pre-World War One movies, creating a whimsical atmosphere.

Sui’s collection drew inspiration from the fantasy realm of underwater, fusing elements of silent Old Hollywood and the sixties with a touch of Jane Austen’s elegance. The runway featured proper ladylike frocks in electrifying cyan, tie-dye silk negligees, and playful salmon motifs accenting knubby wool cardigans. The overall ambiance celebrated fashion as an expression of an Age of Innocence, reimagining the sixties as a period of charm and grace.

Fforme: Embracing Minimalist Elegance

Fforme, led by designer Paul Helbers, showcased an ode to minimalism. The collection, presented near Hudson Yards, celebrated elongated silhouettes, ankle-length skirts, and prim tops crafted from a medley of knits, jersey, and cashmere. While the collection exuded polished elegance, it leaned towards a monochromatic aesthetic that, at times, felt repetitive.

Colin Locascio: Whimsical Style

Colin Locascio, a distinguished CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner, celebrated his recent triumph with a show held in a charming loft in the Meatpacking district. His collection was marked by whimsical style and intriguing fashion juxtapositions, featuring sequined fish and starfish motifs leaping off sequined tanks worn over cotton cargo pants. His key theme was «family memories,» and he showcased fantastic soft sculptural safari jackets and dazzling sequined looks, embracing a vibrant and colorful style.

Fashion aficionados and industry insiders warmly embraced Locascio’s youthful and nostalgic approach, solidifying his standing as a promising talent in the dynamic fashion landscape.

Resurgence of Fantasy in Fashion

These diverse designers collectively affirmed the resurgence of fantasy within the vibrant tapestry of New York’s fashion scene. Their boundless creativity and captivating narratives underscored that, in the world of fashion, imagination knows no bounds.