Fear of God, the pinnacle of American luxury, invites you to discover their latest loungewear collection, a testament to craftsmanship and comfort. Handcrafted in Italy, this collection seamlessly blends classic essentials with iconic underwear, ensuring a smooth transition from the coziness of home to a world of ready-to-wear elegance.

Explore opulence with a range that includes wool cashmere robes, plush blankets, impeccably tailored poplin pajama sets, supportive boxer briefs, and sophisticated socks. Adorned in signature hues – Cement, Cream, and Black – these pieces exude timeless charm.

Starting this Wednesday, exclusively on Fearofgod.com, you can access Fear of God loungewear. For our global audience, the collection will be available on Friday, October 27. Prices range from a modest $150, making luxury accessible to all, to a pinnacle of $1,795 for those dedicated to refinement.

In continuation of last November’s luxury loungewear debut, featuring Adonis Bosso and his son Saphir Bosso, Fear of God’s legacy of excellence shines through.

Elevate your lounging experience with Fear of God – where modern luxury and timeless style come together.

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