As London’s art scene shines during Frieze Week, the fusion of art and fashion takes the spotlight, with Derrick Adams assuming control of the Gagosian Shop in Burlington Arcade.

Adams has curated new merchandise, including apparel, adorned with visuals that encapsulate the essence of leisure, introspection, and delightful indulgences.

This transformation centers around «Recess,» a showcase of Adams’ latest artworks, complemented by the placement of his interactive sculptures, the «Funtime Unicorn Spring Riders» (2022), stretching along the historic arcade.

These sculptures, embodying the themes of play and relaxation intrinsic to Adams’ artistic practice, invite visitors to engage and experience a metamorphosis of this storied space.

The «Funtime Unicorn Spring Riders» reimagines a motif initially introduced in Adams’ Floater series (2016–21), a collection of paintings portraying moments of leisure among black individuals.

The Gagosian Shop also presents related works, including a new painting featuring a child enjoying a ride on a Funtime Unicorn, and the animated video «Funtime Unicorn: Ruby Rides through Four Seasons» (2023).

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