Dai Women’s Fashion Brand Closes After Six Years: Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection to be Its Last

Dai, the acclaimed womenswear brand, founded and designed by Joanna Dai, will cease its operations in December, concluding its impressive journey with the launch of the autumn/winter 2023 collection.

Joanna Dai made this announcement via the Dai website and her LinkedIn profile, citing the formidable challenges of maintaining the brand’s commitment to both people and the planet. She emphasized that pursuing rapid commercial growth would have necessitated compromising the brand’s integrity.

Despite numerous accomplishments, including record-breaking sales, extensive media coverage, and dressing influential women, along with establishing eight prominent store locations, Dai decided to step back. The brand cultivated a community of over 65,000 supporters and made a meaningful contribution to the UK charity Smart Works. Yet, Joanna Dai believed there was still more to achieve.

Just a year ago, Dai secured £1.73 million in crowdfunding, with a substantial 60% of support coming from female backers. In March of the previous year, the brand proudly opened its flagship UK store in the vibrant heart of London’s Covent Garden. Both the physical store and the website will continue to serve customers until early December.

While Dai’s journey reaches its conclusion, its legacy of quality, community, and impact will remain an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.