Christian Dior has introduced changes to its communications team, appointing James Deeny as the Director of Press, Public and International Relations for Christian Dior Couture, along with Corporate Communications, effective from October 9th. Deeny’s responsibilities will span the women’s lines, children’s category, and Dior Maison within the brand. Reporting to Deputy Managing Director Olivier Bialobos, who oversees global communications and image for the house.

James Deeny’s return to LVMH follows his previous role as the head of press and public relations at Kenzo from 2012 to 2019. Afterward, he served as Senior Vice President of Press Relations at the communications agency KCD. Prior to his time at Kenzo, he spent five years managing global public relations for Dries Van Noten.

James Deeny’s career journey began with a BA from University College Dublin, followed by a postgraduate diploma in marketing from Dublin Business School. He initiated his career as an editorial assistant at Assouline Editions before advancing to key positions in the fashion industry.

These developments signify Christian Dior’s dedication to maintaining a prominent presence and strategic communications in the luxury fashion sector. James Deeny’s extensive experience and expertise are anticipated to contribute significantly to the brand’s ongoing success.

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