Richemont-owned Chloé presents its inaugural retrospective exhibit, «Mood of the Moment: Gaby Aghion and the House of Chloé,» at The Jewish Museum in New York. This exhibit arrives in the wake of Chemena Kamali’s appointment as the new head of the French fashion label.

The showcase, with over 150 pieces of archival Chloé, casts a spotlight on the brand’s founder, Gaby Aghion, who hailed from an esteemed Jewish family in Alexandria, Egypt, before relocating to Paris in 1945. Aghion’s vision birthed Chloé as a ready-to-wear label in 1952, aiming to offer a chic alternative to the post-war couture scene.

Notably, this retrospective, curated by Choghakate Kazarian and Kristina Parsons at The Jewish Museum, aligns with Claudia Gould’s commitment to recognizing influential Jewish female entrepreneurs. It’s a compelling addition to The Jewish Museum’s series of exhibits on such pioneering women, alongside luminaries like Helena Rubinstein and Edith Halpert.

The exhibit commences with a photographic timeline of Gaby Aghion’s life, with the first piece on display dating back to 1960. The showcase highlights the contributions of iconic designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and others who have shaped Chloé’s rich history.

A dedicated room spotlights the timeless Chloé blouse, a signature of the brand. Notably, this retrospective underscores the brand’s evolving ethos, marked by the empowerment of women and its ability to adapt to their ever-changing needs over the past seven decades.

While this marks Chloé’s first retrospective exhibit, The Jewish Museum has previously hosted fashion exhibits, underlining the importance of celebrating female creatives in the industry.

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