Fashion weeks thrive on debut moments, and the industry recently witnessed an impressive one as Louise Trotter unveiled her inaugural collection for Carven.

This collection is a clear testament to the brand’s journey towards an elegant and forward-looking future. It boasts a remarkable sense of volume, featuring gentle and alluring fabrics, all while exuding an overarching aura of protection.

The runway show took place in a unique setting, a construction site within an 8th arrondissement mansion on Avenue Marceau. The models’ brisk pace at the finale underscored that this collection is tailored for the modern, fast-paced urban woman.

Standout pieces include impeccably draped A-line trench coats with billowing sleeves, snug double-breasted spencers, and sophisticated pale gray wool blazers paired thoughtfully with cool gauze skirts.

Trotter also paid homage to Carven’s heritage by incorporating Carven’s signature green stripe shirts, albeit with a fresh twist. Notably, she refrained from delving deeply into the brand’s archives, a departure from the typical approach of many designers in their debut shows.

Marie-Louise Carven, who founded the brand in 1945, was known for her precise sense of style and an aversion to dwelling on the past. Trotter’s focus on creating «mindful, joyful, and positive» clothing at Carven aligns well with this forward-looking spirit, and it holds significant promise for the brand’s future.

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