Burberry Streets: Unveiling Burberry’s Innovative City Takeovers

Burberry, a renowned British fashion brand, is making waves with its latest project, «Burberry Streets.» This groundbreaking initiative is designed to rekindle the essence of British heritage while driving sales through a series of captivating city takeovers around the world.

Launching in London, Spanning the Globe

The journey begins in London, emphasizing the city’s significance in the fashion world. However, Burberry’s global vision extends beyond Europe and the US, with upcoming stops in Seoul and Shanghai in October, underscoring the brand’s strong focus on the Asian market.

Immersive Experiences in the Heart of London

The London segment of Burberry Streets offers immersive experiences, installations, and events across the city. These events showcase Burberry’s iconic features, such as the seasonal check in knight blue, the elegant rose print, and the redefined Equestrian Knight Design.

Fashion Meets Culinary Art at Norman’s Café

The initiative kicks off with the transformation of Norman’s, a beloved North London café celebrated for its British cuisine. Norman’s will be adorned with signature blue check decorations and host a special evening event on September 13.

London Fashion Week Extravaganza

London Fashion Week coincides with Burberry Streets, adding to the city’s vibrancy. A traveling Norman’s food truck will make appearances at key London Fashion Week-related locations, including The Strand and Duke of York Square.

Iconic Burberry Symbols Across London

Burberry’s heritage will be celebrated across London. Keep an eye out for flags featuring the new rose print above Bond Street, illuminated screens on Piccadilly displaying Winter 2023 campaign videos, and chalk stencils of the Equestrian Knight in parks and pathways. London’s black taxis will even feature Daniel Lee’s English rose print.

Daniel Lee’s Debut Collection

The Burberry Streets initiative coincides with the launch of Daniel Lee’s inaugural collection for Burberry, Winter 2023. Shoppers can explore this collection both in stores and online. A redesigned webstore marks a new era and creative direction for Burberry.

A Celebration of British Culture and Innovation

Burberry Streets promises to be a dynamic celebration of British culture, art, and fashion. It embraces the brand’s rich heritage while charting a new course for its future. Stay tuned as this exciting initiative expands globally, with Seoul and Shanghai next on the map in October.

Discover the art of exploration with Burberry Streets and experience modern British luxury in innovative ways.

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