Ralph Lauren’s Grand Return: Timeless Elegance in Brooklyn Navy Yard

Ralph Lauren made a triumphant comeback as the stars descended upon the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Inside a vast haute bohemian hangar along the East River, a dazzling collection graced the runway.

Jennifer Lopez arrived with a style statement, flanked by bodyguards and stylish companions, seated between Julianne Moore and Diane Keaton. Among the illustrious attendees were Robin Wright, Sheryl Crow, Laura Dern, Gabrielle Union, Li Bingbing, Rachel Brosnahan, Pom Klementieff, and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.

Celebrating Timeless Grace

Beyond Ralph Lauren’s classical reputation, this show highlighted his enduring commitment to timeless elegance. The collection, echoing faded gentility, showcased the enduring allure of this style.

The spring/summer 2024 collection unfolded within the Navy Yard, transformed into a captivating fusion of a Soho artist’s loft, a New England barn, and a Rocky Mountain ranch—a tasteful blend of classic dilapidation.

Gigantic, weathered drapes adorned the walls, fashioned from rough-hewn wooden planks reminiscent of Ralph’s Colorado ranch. Clusters of chandeliers cast a soft glow over the venue, where guests occupied randomly upholstered chairs.

A Sartorial Symphony

The collection seamlessly intertwined with its rustic backdrop. It commenced with faded dyed denim, transformed into sleek pantsuits, floral-printed blazers, and dresses graced with trailing hemlines—an haute bohemian Wild West wedding, where John Ford meets Ralph Lauren.

Changing Tones and Elevating Elegance

Abruptly shifting gears, Ralph introduced romantic white silk pantsuits and opulent gold lamé gowns paired with cavalry jackets or officer’s mess jackets crafted from supple glove leather.

A soundtrack melded remixes of The Zombies’ timeless «Time of the Season» with a hint of Carla Bruni, a nod to Ralph’s affinity for French style. These hues also played out in the eveningwear, with Ralph’s unique interpretation of Yves Saint Laurent colors—emerald, persimmon, turquoise, and imperial Roman purple—woven into flawlessly tailored harem pants, skirts, and flowing dresses.

A Resplendent Finale

The show reached its crescendo as Natalia Vodianova graced the runway in a resplendent Comanche princess mess dress, while Christy Turlington garnered applause in an exquisitely draped one-shoulder golden Greek goddess gown.

A Stellar Gathering

The star-studded audience included Amanda Seyfried, Emma Roberts, James Marsden, singer Krystal Jung, and The White Lotus’ Leo Woodall. Influencers Leia Sfez, Camila Coelho, Cara Delevingne, Leonie Hanne, Marianna Hewitt, Nicole Warne, Yan Yan Chan, and Sofia Richie Grainge added to the glamour.

Keri Russell, the U.S. ambassador to Britain in the Netflix series The Diplomat, engaged in conversation with New York Mayor Eric Adams during cocktails.

Exquisite Dining

Following the show, Ralph Lauren hosted a sumptuous surf-and-turf dinner featuring grilled lobster salad and RRL filet mignon from his own ranch. The setting was a magnificent display of Lauren’s homeware, featuring RL linen table napkins, gold-rimmed fine China, elegant glassware, and a refined blue floral tablecloth.

«Tattered Elegance»

In Ralph’s own words, the show and soirée embodied «tattered elegance.» He remarked, «If you’re going to host an event like this, you must do it impeccably. Utilize all your finest elements to convey your true sentiments.»

In sum, Ralph Lauren remains a luminary in the world of fashion—an octogenarian whose frailty is overshadowed by his indomitable spirit and unwavering mastery of his craft. His quiet smile during the evening reflected the delight of his esteemed guests, offering a glimpse of the latest expression of modern elegance from America’s most influential living designer.