Renowned Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli has penned an open letter titled «Letter to the Future Sentinels of Humanity» to commemorate youth and advocate for a renewed sense of humanism among Generation Y and Z. In this 1,100-word epistle, Cucinelli reflects on his life journey and imparts wisdom and guidance to the younger generation.

In the letter, Cucinelli expresses his deep affection for young people, considering them the «salt of the earth» and the «sentinels of tomorrow.» He acknowledges his own path from humble beginnings to becoming a successful designer and entrepreneur, highlighting the significance of leading a life infused with humanism and decency towards others.

Cucinelli draws from his childhood experiences and how they molded his values, underscoring that he views his upbringing in poverty as a «gift» rather than a curse. He reflects on the beauty of nature and the richness of life’s experiences.

The letter also touches on themes of wealth and generosity, with Cucinelli suggesting that wealth finds its true purpose when used as a gift to benefit others. He encourages young people to approach life with gratitude and to perceive pain and challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

Throughout the letter, Cucinelli incorporates quotes from renowned writers and philosophers to illustrate his points and provide additional wisdom.

In his closing remarks, Cucinelli urges the younger generation to shun anger, embrace noble gestures, and practice consideration towards others in their family, studies, work, and love life. He emphasizes that true happiness lies in loving what is truly worthy of love.

This letter serves as a heartfelt and philosophical message from Brunello Cucinelli, aiming to inspire and guide young people towards a more compassionate and humanistic approach to life.

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