Sandro, the quintessentially French fashion brand, has taken a British twist for its AW23 campaign. This campaign, titled «Sandro Now,» finds inspiration in the iconic Fatboy Slim song, «Right Here, Right Now,» bringing a British vibe to the heart of French fashion.

The essence of Sandro Now revolves around creating a connection with the present moment, embracing the reality of the here and now, and dressing accordingly. The campaign places youth at the forefront, celebrating the spirit of today’s generation.

Renowned London-based photographer, Chris Rhodes, captures this youthful essence through a series of captivating shots. Accompanying the visuals is the creative styling of British stylist Joe McKenna, whose androgynous touch adds depth to the campaign. Models Rolf Schrader, Awwal Adeoti, and Elvis Candy embody this distinctive style.

Heading the creative direction is Édouard Martin Rilhac, with artistic direction by Atelier Franck Durand. Sandro’s decision to tap into British talent for this campaign reflects its openness to fresh and innovative ideas.

In recent times, Sandro has expanded its horizons beyond its traditional markets. Collaborations like the current capsule collection with Wrangler, partnerships such as the one with Hurr for UK rentals, and even venturing into the realm of video games during last year’s AW22 campaign are testaments to the brand’s forward-thinking approach.

This strategic diversification appears to be yielding results, with SMCP’s Q2 results showing that Sandro’s sales are surging ahead of its portfolio peers. Sandro achieved sales of €149.5 million, marking a significant growth of 13.4% on an organic basis. In comparison, Maje reported sales of €114.6 million (+3.4%), while Claudie Pierlot and Fursac reached €41.1 million (+8.2%).

Sandro’s commitment to embracing the spirit of the times is not only reflected in its AW23 campaign but also in its dynamic approach to the fashion landscape.

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