A prestigious blue plaque has been unveiled along London’s iconic King’s Road, commemorating the historic site of the groundbreaking Bazaar boutique by renowned fashion designer Mary Quant.

This year marks a significant milestone for the 85-year-old English designer, celebrated for sparking a fashion revolution through her innovative style. In the vibrant 1960s, Mary Quant fearlessly introduced and popularized iconic fashion pieces like tights, hot pants, the mini skirt, and trousers, paving the way for enduring fashion staples.

Earlier this year, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London launched a noteworthy retrospective exhibition, exploring Mary Quant’s influential career spanning from 1955 to 1975. The exhibition offers insights into her vibrant contributions, bringing color and flair to post-war London and reshaping the fashion landscape.

In recognition of her profound impact, Mary Quant is set to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award at the upcoming World Fashion Awards.

The seeds of Mary Quant’s fashion revolution were sown in her Bazaar boutiques, with the inaugural store opening its doors on King’s Road in 1955, followed by a second branch two years later.

Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive of Cadogan, commented, «King’s Road holds a rich legacy as a hub of innovation and trendsetting. Dame Mary is an iconic figure intricately woven into the Road’s history, having redefined retail with a global influence. Today, retail is evolving towards creating immersive experiences, fostering community, and celebrating creativity—values that align with her pioneering spirit and continue to resonate with the King’s Road as we envision its future.»

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