In a recent study conducted by online retailer Jewellerybox, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles have emerged as the leading male and female celebrities influencing the fashion world. The study, which analyzed Google search data for keywords such as ‘fashion,’ ‘outfits,’ and ‘style,’ unveiled compelling insights.

Billie Eilish claimed the top spot with a remarkable 949,300 searches in the past 12 months. Her influence extended to 602,500 searches related to outfits, 259,200 for style, and 87,600 for fashion. Eilish’s dominance was evident, leaving the second-place female celebrity, Ariana Grande, with an impressive 674,000 searches, while Taylor Swift closely followed with 627,600.

The top three influencers held a substantial lead, with Lady Gaga securing the fourth position with ‘only’ 377,700 searches. She was followed by Kendall Jenner at 371,100, her sister Kylie with 313,700, and Rihanna with 298,800. Kim Kardashian, ranking eighth with 249,200 searches, underlined the remarkable influence of the Kardashian-Jenner family on women’s style choices. Selena Gomez followed closely in ninth place with 185,200 searches, while Cher rounded out the top ten with 136,250.

This list underscores the profound impact of music stars and reaffirms the importance of featuring designer and streetwear brands’ products in music videos, reflecting the fusion of music and fashion in pop culture.

On the men’s front, Harry Styles took the lead as the most influential figure, with a combined search volume of 789,100. He was followed by Cam Newton (475,300), Kanye West (301,700), Justin Bieber (250,700), Russell Westbrook (211,700), Elton John (194,240), David Beckham (175,540), Shia LaBeouf (152,900), Drake (137,900), and Post Malone (128,560).

While the presence of icons like Cher and Elton John highlights that age is no barrier to influence, these lists predominantly feature younger celebrities. Moreover, they emphasize the intersection of music and fashion, with both established and emerging stars shaping trends in the ever-evolving world of style.

This study underscores the powerful role celebrities play in shaping fashion trends and serves as a testament to their enduring influence on the choices of fashion-conscious individuals around the globe. Discover the latest trends inspired by Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and other fashion icons at

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