Joe Biden’s inauguration watch, a $7,000 Swiss-made Rolex, sparks discussion as it deviates from the simpler, domestically manufactured timepieces favored by past U.S. presidents. Explore the watch choice and its implications.

Inauguration Watches: Biden’s Rolex Departure

Joe Biden’s choice of a $7,000 Swiss-made Rolex watch at his inauguration raised eyebrows and marked a departure from the simpler, domestically manufactured watches worn by previous U.S. presidents. While Biden has advocated for promoting «Made in America» products, his choice of a Swiss watch drew attention for its luxury and foreign origin.

The Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust

The stainless steel Rolex Datejust worn by Biden is a departure from the more modest timepieces favored by past presidents. While he is not the first president to wear a Rolex, his choice contrasts with the trend of recent presidents opting for low-profile or American-made watches.

Presidential Watch Trends

For example, Bill Clinton wore a Timex Ironman, George W. Bush favored a Timex model costing less than $50, and Barack Obama chose watches from American manufacturers like Detroit-based Shinola and California’s Jorg Gray.

Trump’s Luxury Watch Collection

In contrast, Donald Trump was known for his taste in luxury watches, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin.

Public Reaction

While some observers noted Biden’s choice of a Swiss watch, many of his supporters downplayed the significance of his wristwatch selection, comparing it to previous non-issues like Obama’s tan suit.

Joe Biden’s Rolex: A Symbolic Choice

Joe Biden’s Rolex watch choice has become a symbol of his presidency, sparking discussions about style, luxury, and the «Made in America» message. As the President continues to advocate for American-made products, his Rolex remains a topic of interest.

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