Bestseller’s Object brand has joined forces with the U.S.-based fabric innovator, Evrnu, to introduce a capsule collection featuring a groundbreaking regenerative fiber.

In an industry where regenerating fibers and fabrics is typically a challenging endeavor, this collaboration represents a significant leap forward. The collection comprises three styles designed to promote circularity and reduce waste. These garments are crafted from Nucycl, a unique fiber derived from cotton-rich textile waste, eliminating the need for virgin tree pulp.

Nucycl not only offers a luxurious, cotton-like texture but also boasts exceptional absorbency, breathability, and durability. What sets it apart is its remarkable ability to be endlessly regenerated through a continuous process.

Stacy Flynn, co-founder of Evrnu, explains, «Nucycl stands out among fabric recycling methods by creating new textiles that match or even surpass the quality of the original virgin fiber. This remarkable characteristic provides the textile industry with a sustainable alternative that doesn’t compromise performance. By repurposing textile waste into Nucycl fiber, we reduce our reliance on virgin resources, paving the way for a fashion economy where waste is transformed into valuable resources.»

Bestseller’s early investment in Evrnu through its Invest FWD investment arm underscores its commitment to driving systemic changes within and beyond the fashion industry. Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, the company’s Innovation Manager, emphasizes the vital role of such collaborations in driving meaningful change.

The capsule collection itself features a dress, a shirt, and a pair of trousers, characterized by effortless silhouettes, clean lines, and timeless monochromatic prints.

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