The Spanish chain Base Detallsport, specialized in sports distribution, is starting its international expansion with the integration of the Portuguese company Brands Leaders as a partner.

The two companies plan to materialize their alliance with the opening of 30 Base and Wanna Sneakers (the Spanish group’s chain dedicated to the sneaker segment) stores in Portugal over the next three years.

This expansion will be carried out both through new stores and the transformation of stores currently operating under the Brands Leaders labels, Base said in a statement.

«We are very excited about this integration and extremely proud to be fulfilling our strategic pillar of expansion. Our goal is to continue to gain geographical coverage and strengthen our internationalization to be globally relevant,» said Toni Maristany, CEO of Base.

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Barcelona, Base Detallsport currently operates some 300 stores. It specializes in multi-brand distribution and focuses its activity on four blocks: running, fitness and training, soccer and urban fashion.

The company renewed its top management at the beginning of 2021 with three appointments, including that of its CEO. It also then drew the pillars of its strategy, verticalization, digitization and expansion, which is landed with agreements such as the one recently reached to develop in Portugal.

For its part, Brands Leaders is based in Amares (Braga), was born in 1997 and currently has Frederico Serrão as CEO. It is the distributor for the country of Adidas, Reebok and Hummel and operates in both fashion and sports under the BAE, Fuxia, Vein, PlanetaD and Jumpwill brands.

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