Barcelona’s Bridal Fashion Week, the epicenter of the global bridal fashion industry featuring renowned Spanish brands like Rosa Clará and Pronovias, has set its sights on the theme of «Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Transition of the Industry» for its 2024 edition.

With the campaign slogan revolving around the concept of «Now,» this forward-thinking event has harnessed the creative power of artificial intelligence to shape its visual identity.

Scheduled to take place from April 17 to April 21, 2024, the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, often referred to as the “Bridal,” is gearing up to make a profound statement. Its organizers, in a statement, elaborate on how this edition’s theme draws inspiration from the transformative impact of emerging technologies on our world and society. It’s all about approaching the future with positivity and optimism.

As per tradition, the “Bridal” will unveil the latest trends in fashion, accessories, art, and design during its grand runway presentations and concurrent trade shows at the Fira Montjuïc venue.

In the coming months, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week will gradually release images and content across its digital channels, leading up to the event itself. These materials will delve into the challenges and opportunities arising from the fusion of technological advancements with human creativity within the industry.

Albasarí Caro, the director of the bridal fashion week, stated, “Through this campaign, we aim to inspire the fashion sector to take the lead in a future that is already upon us. We aspire to lead this transformation, harnessing the full potential of new technologies, all while keeping individuality, creativity, craftsmanship, and emotion at the forefront. Together, we will guide the industry into a new era.”

In the upcoming weeks, the event will unveil the schedule of runway shows and the prestigious haute couture brands set to grace the stage during the Barcelona Bridal Night.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is organized by Fira de Barcelona, with support from the Department of Business and Labor of the Government of Catalonia.

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