In an emotional post, Rousteing shared that he suffered severe burns a year ago due to a fireplace explosion in his Paris apartment. He expressed gratitude for the care he received at Hôpital Saint Louis in Paris, which occurred during the height of the COVID pandemic.

The accompanying photo showed Rousteing with extensive burns on his face, head, torso, and arms, wrapped in surgical gauze. The post garnered significant support from followers, including messages of love and concern from prominent figures such as Donatella Versace and Kim Kardashian.

Rousteing admitted that he concealed his injuries under masks and clothing for an extended period following the incident. He attributed his reluctance to reveal the accident to a desire for perfection and his own insecurities. During this time, he worked tirelessly on his fashion collections, using various clothing choices to conceal his scars during interviews and photoshoots.

Rousteing also reflected on the power of social media, highlighting how it allows individuals to control their narrative and choose what they reveal. He expressed gratitude for his healing and recovery, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the blessings in his life.

The Instagram post came after his 10th-anniversary show for Balmain, a significant milestone in his career. His last show celebrated healing and recovery, and he thanked those who supported him throughout his journey.

In a subsequent post, Rousteing shared videos from his anniversary show, showcasing designs that incorporated bandages in various colors, symbolizing his injuries and recovery.

Rousteing concluded his heartfelt post by expressing gratitude to his doctor and the medical professionals who played a crucial role in his recovery. He emphasized the feeling of freedom when the bandages were removed, signifying his triumphant journey from adversity to healing.

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