Get to know Andrea Carpinteri


A beloved Italian actor and TV host Andrea Carpinteri never stops looking for new ways to channel his creativity. Having tried stage and screen, he went on to publish his first book and is now testing the waters as a singer. His followers can only wonder what role he will play next.

Andrea, tell us about your childhood, what were your hobbies, and how your love of cinema came about.

I’ve always been an imaginative kid. I loved circus and music and dreamed of working in this realm, but I was very shy and spent long hours in my room daydreaming. As a teenager, I enrolled in the first theater course to become more outgoing. They told me I had some talent, and after high school, I graduated in communication sciences. Right after that, I entered a large film academy and finished a course there. This was when I fell in love with cinema while discovering iconic films. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.

What was interesting about filming such TV shows like Inspector Rex and God Help Us 2?

When I went to the film set of Inspector Rex for the first time, I was terrified. I realized it was nothing like acting at school and had to adjust adjusted to the rhythm of a TV show, which is fast, and you have to learn the lines quickly. But the most formative experience for me was in theater when I played the role of the Son in Luigi Pirandello’s Six characters in search of an author. We went on stage for 30 consecutive days and feeling the warmth of the live audience was wonderful.

Let’s talk about your working in television and how you went from hosting a show to writing your first novel.
After a wonderful 6-month experience in Singapore where I took part in a TV show, I returned to Italy and had the opportunity to enter the world of television. I had hosted a gossip show for 4 years, and later, a morning TV show where I managed a social station in the studio and went around Italy practicing extreme sports all in front of the cameras. The most adrenaline-pumping experience was jumping with a parachute. During the first lockdown, I started throwing down ideas and thoughts that shaped into my first novel entitled Betrayed by the Heart. It’s an autobiographical best-seller. Now I’m thinking about writing a sequel.

You are currently waiting for the release of your first single. Tell us about it and your creative plans.
The idea of the song was born by chance. One summer evening, I met two music producers from the soul KLAMour, who live in Taiwan, and together we decided to start this adventure. It’s a pop song with an Arabic sound. I don’t know what to expect from this new adventure, but I hope to make my 650,000 followers happy because they will see me in a completely new guise.











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