Renowned French fashion icon, Agnes b., renowned for her unwavering optimism, reflects on her journey from fashion journalism to founding the Agnes b. brand 50 years ago. With boutiques spanning Paris, New York, London, and beyond, she remains hopeful that the COVID-19 crisis will usher in a better world, driven by the younger generation.

In an exclusive interview with AFP as part of our ‘World Redrawn’ series, Agnes b. advocates for a more equitable distribution of wealth, underscoring the urgency of environmental responsibility.

Q: Will the Post-Pandemic World See Lasting Change or a Return to the Status Quo?

A: My innate optimism leads me to hope for enduring change. Our approach to resource allocation now rests on the shoulders of the youth. Their heightened awareness and interconnectedness are encouraging signs. As urban communities responded to the needs of farmers, young individuals are embracing agriculture, promising a fresh start.

Q: Why Do You Place Such Faith in the Environmental Awareness of Young People?

A: The youth are increasingly attuned to environmental concerns. Observing my grandchildren, I see their deep commitment to change. Transformation is imperative.

Q: France’s Economy Suffers from the Pandemic. What Can President Macron Do to Restore Hope?

A: The President faces a challenging task in these times of criticism. The key priority is injecting capital into France, with a call for wealth redistribution among the affluent. Stark inequalities persist, reminiscent of historical disparities dating back to the French Revolution.

Q: How Can We Support Developing Nations Amidst Global Economic Uncertainty?

A: Prioritizing manufacturing where it’s needed most is vital. While our brand emphasizes French manufacturing, we also add value to products from countries like Peru (renowned for alpaca) and Mongolia (famous for cashmere). We also support embroiderers in regions like Madagascar, upholding our guiding principle.

Q: Did You Contribute to Mask Production During the Lockdown?

A: Indeed, we ramped up mask production, featuring designs on unbleached, patterned canvas with vibrant lipstick smiles. Additionally, we donated 2,000 medical gowns to suburban hospitals, actively contributing during these challenging times.

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