Adrienne Landau brand readies for e-commerce launch

New York-based licensing firm Meridian Brands is on a mission to reinvigorate the revered Adrienne Landau brand. With a legacy built on fur outerwear and accessories, Adrienne Landau is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a fashion powerhouse. Acquiring HMS Productions in 2021, Meridian Brands added Adrienne Landau to its expanding portfolio in 2022, alongside prominent mass-market brands such as Cable & Gauge, Cupio, and Sol & Sea. recently conducted an insightful interview with CEO Olin Lancaster and the visionary behind the brand, Adrienne Landau herself, shedding light on the brand’s imminent e-commerce launch and its exciting new trajectory.

Lancaster, at the helm of this transformation, acknowledges that Adrienne Landau had amassed a dedicated following over the course of four decades. The brand was renowned for its fur-centric offerings until a pivotal shift in 2020 when it exclusively embraced faux fur. The brand’s faux fur line resonated with consumers and nurtured strong relationships with top US retailers. Now, Meridian Brands sees an opportunity to revitalize and expand the brand’s appeal, all while preserving its rich heritage.

This rejuvenation is not a short-term endeavor. It’s part of a long-term master licensing deal that grants Meridian Brands ownership of the Adrienne Landau intellectual property, once certain minimum royalty guarantees are met. The strategy revolves around redefining the brand’s identity, focusing on delivering superior quality, cutting-edge design, and a resounding message of effortless glamour.

Crucially, Meridian Brands aims to broaden the brand’s horizons, steering it away from its association with fur. This strategic diversification comes at a pivotal time, with ongoing debates about the merits of real versus faux fur, often intertwined with evolving personal values. Advocates for real fur argue that faux fur can be an environmental hazard. Interestingly, Gen Z, a demographic inclined towards sustainability and circularity, has discovered real fur in second-hand stores, challenging its resale value due to shifting perceptions.

However, both Lancaster and Adrienne Landau firmly embrace the faux fur path, aligning with evolving consumer values and sustainable fashion trends. Their commitment extends to responsible faux fur production methods, ensuring environmental consciousness.

The rejuvenated Adrienne Landau brand is gearing up to launch its e-commerce platform coinciding with the fall fashion season and the arrival of NYFW Spring 2024 collections. The platform will showcase two distinct brand divisions: Quartz, catering to a discerning audience with prices ranging from $150 to $1000, promising a uniquely personalized sense of style; and Onyx, offering exceptional value at prices spanning $50 to $400 while maintaining the brand’s distinctive qualities. Both divisions draw inspiration from Adrienne’s abstract, vibrant artwork and feature real crystals, mirroring her deep spiritual connection to crystals and minerals.

Expanding the brand’s reach is on the horizon. Meridian Brands is actively exploring new distribution channels, including a promising partnership with Germany’s Goldner. This partnership will facilitate e-commerce operations in nine European Union countries, potentially paving the way for physical retail locations. Lancaster envisions leveraging this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors, strategically informing future brick-and-mortar ventures.

Furthermore, Meridian Brands is collaborating with Adrienne Landau’s president, Rosemary Mancino, to develop a wholesale model, thereby further extending the brand’s presence.

Adrienne Landau herself expresses contentment with the brand’s new direction under Meridian Brands. She has transitioned into the role of a strategic advisor, entrusting Meridian Brands to drive the growth and evolution of her eponymous brand.

In essence, the Adrienne Landau brand’s transformation is not merely about commerce but also about connecting with consumers on a deeper level. It embraces Adrienne’s artistic and spiritual connection with the earth, weaving these elements into its product offerings. The brand’s quality and purpose are evident, creating a unique intersection of values that resonate with a new generation of consumers.

As the brand ventures into this exciting chapter, the focus is not solely on capturing a share of wallets but on winning a share of hearts and minds. This holistic approach, backed by authentic messaging and exceptional products, is set to define the brand’s future.

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