Adolfo Domínguez is moving to Madrid’s Salamanca district. The Galician fashion firm, which currently occupies number 5 Serrano Street, will move to 40 Serrano Street, a store previously leased by Uterqüe.


The new premises where the brand will install its flagship store in the capital is more diaphanous than the current one (which consists of three floors) and, in it, the brand will implement its latest store concept, presented last year in Ourense and Mexico City simultaneously. The transaction has been brokered by the real estate consulting firm Ascana, as it details on its website.

Adolfo Domínguez closed the 2021 financial year last February and, at that time, had 348 stores (six more than a year earlier) and was present in 19 markets. Financially, the company ended the last fiscal year with a loss of 9.3 million euros, 52% less than in the previous year; meanwhile, sales volume amounted to 92 million euros, 39.5% more than in 2020.

The Galician firm’s move is not the only recent operation in Madrid’s Serrano street, one of the capital’s main commercial hubs: so far this year, Michael Kors has reopened its store on this street, while IKKS has raised the shutter on a space at number 6.

Founded in 1973, Adolfo Domínguez has been a listed company for 25 years. Its current president is Adriana Domínguez and its CEO is Antonio Puente. The latter, as detailed by the president herself in the presentation of annual results last April, has been proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting as the company’s new executive director and CEO.

«We will continue working as before, but Antonio will have a new feature: he will join the board and become CEO, which will give him the opportunity to defend the project for the coming years with a voice and a vote», explained Adriana Domínguez at the time.

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