The rapper’s covered teeth read ‘marry me’ and Riri (also showing teeth) replies ‘yes, I do’

With the birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s first child imminent, you’d think the lovesick couple would be enjoying some downtime, basking in the happiness of welcoming their soul baby. But, of course, Riri and A$AP aren’t like most couples (case in point: On Monday, Rihanna confirmed her title as absolute queen of the Met Gala even without attending in person, when she appeared immortalized in statue form. virtual).

Just yesterday, we witnessed the surprise release of A$AP’s latest track «D.M.B.» – short for «dat’s mah bish», something like «that’s my boss») – and its kaleidoscopic and unrestrained video clip pays a kind of homage to both the couple’s fiery romance and their mutual love of partying. But the first burning question we asked ourselves upon seeing it was: Did A$AP just propose to Rihanna with gold caps on his teeth? At around 2:50, Riri walks out in a red chiffon veil (she wouldn’t dream of doing something as ordinary as wearing white to her wedding) and as soon as she takes it off, A$AP shows her teeth with a «get married with me» inlaid in gold. On her own diamond-studded cases hers reads «I do.» The gesture gives a lot to think about…


Aside from the burning question at hand, the video, directed by A$AP himself, treats us to plenty of other aesthetic delights. Set in the streets of the Bronx – savvy fans have deduced that it was filmed last summer, based on paparazzi photos of the time and Rihanna’s absence of a belly – we see parties in the streets of the neighborhood under water from the fire hydrants, a hangout at an Afro barber shop, the rapper running the show in blinding gold sequined pants, and the couple hanging out on the fire escape typical of New York facades, with fur in garish colors designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton.

However, the real star of the show is Rihanna, whose looks are everything you’d expect from the world’s hottest woman (towards the end, she wears a mind-blowing ensemble consisting of a silk durag, leather bodice and matching pants). , all topped off with an ankle-length, shearling-lined brown leather coat.Whether or not the video foreshadows an impending wedding, we can all agree that when it comes to style, the couple gives it a go. everything. The next step? Delivering that baby.

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