In a sudden and tragic announcement, London’s esteemed fashion label, 16Arlington, mourns the loss of co-founder Federica Cavenati, affectionately known as Kikka, who passed away last month due to a brief and unexpected illness at the young age of 28.

Kikka is survived by her immediate family, including her parents and brother, as well as her life partner and co-founder of 16Arlington, Marco Capaldo.

Born and raised in Italy, Federica Cavenati spent her teenage years in Vienna before pursuing her passion for fashion design at London’s renowned Istituto Marangoni. Fate intervened when she crossed paths with Marco Capaldo on the eve of her first fashion lecture, forging an unbreakable personal and professional bond.

The inception of 16Arlington dates back to 2017, with the brand name inspired by their initial shared residence on Arlington Street in London. Kikka played a dual role as co-creator and muse for the label, infusing it with her distinctive «design-for-a-good-time» ethos, a driving force behind the brand’s meteoric rise to prominence and popularity among celebrities.

Attempting to encapsulate Kikka’s essence, her family’s statement aptly describes her as beyond «special,» emanating boundless optimism, passion, and kindness. Kikka’s radiant energy and unwavering support made her a cherished friend to many. Her infectious laughter and unbridled creative spirit once filled the 16Arlington studio, and her absence is profoundly felt by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

In tribute to Federica Cavenati’s memory, Marco Capaldo will introduce an unreleased collection in February 2022, ensuring that her remarkable creative legacy endures.

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