"The first collection ARCHAIC FUTURE was inspired by Montenegrin national costume. Block patterns are modified, details and ornaments are abstracted to an evocative level. Costumes are digitally created and adjusted to laser cutting, and then manually assembled since they don’t have seams. They are made from wool and biodegradable material Pinatex, made of pineapple leaves, as a byproduct of food industry."

Hand twisted wool

Golden thread buttons

Woolen laser cut jamadan

Woolen laser cut dress

Hand cut and hand woven corset

Pinatex laser cut zubun

Woolen mint koret

Woolen yelek

Laser cut pinatex ensemble

team credits

fashion designer



Nikola Pejovic

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

Vanessa Djurasaj

Female Model

Anja Zvicer @Key models @keymodels